[BioRuby] ABI Chromatograms

Conan K Woods email at woodsc.ca
Thu Sep 22 23:22:01 EDT 2005

Ok, I've got a base implementation.  It loads up the edit sequence,             
title, peak locations and the traces from a given abi file.  It doesn't         
do much else except has a complement method.  If anyone has any ideas of        
what else it needs I can try to add it in.                                      
Not sure what the procedure is for donating code, so I'm just gonna put         
it at http://www.woodsc.ca/code/Abi.ruby.  Feel free to use/not
use/modify as you like.                                                                    
Conan K Woods  

On Tue, Sep 20, 2005 at 09:05:02PM -0700, Conan K Woods wrote:
> Hi, I was wondering if it would be useful to have an object representing
> ABI chromatograms in the bioruby package.  I've coded up an Chromatogram
> object in perl a little while ago for a project I work on, and was
> thinking it might be useful in ruby?
> Unfortunately my knowledge of bioruby package is kind of limited(Its
> hard to find good documentation!) so I'm not sure where it would fit in
> with the rest of the code.  If anyone is interested in this, I'll get
> coding sometime later this week.
> Conan K Woods
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