[BioRuby] RestrictionEnzyme?

Pjotr Prins pjotr at pckassa.com
Tue Nov 15 01:50:11 EST 2005

Hi Trevor,

I wrote GenEST, not part of BioRuby, as yet, which takes a bunch of
cutters from a configuration file and lists the cut fragments in a
colourful way. See


The one thing that is lacking is the interpretation of degenerated EST
data - i.e. predicted cuts on fragments. But that is mostly an EST problem.

Have a look at that code and feel free to use it for BioRuby. It has
two things going for it: (1) there is some complexity with multiple
enzymes being used and (2) this code has been production tested by a
number of groups.


On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 04:59:21PM -0600, Trevor Wennblom wrote:
> Has anyone started work on a RestrictionEnzyme module like what BioPerl has?
> http://doc.bioperl.org/releases/bioperl-1.5.0-RC1/Bio/Tools/RestrictionEnzyme.html
> If no one has beat me too it yet I can tackle this one.
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