[BioRuby] BioRuby Documentation effort

Pjotr Prins pjotr at pckassa.com
Mon Jun 13 17:16:34 EDT 2005

The time has come to work on BioRuby documentation. I would like to
start a transparent process where people can contribute if they feel
like it.

We could use a Wiki, or something, but I prefer to work straight in
the sources, so we have it in one place, and use a tool like rdoc. For
this we would need CVS access. I would not like several people to work
on documentation and wait for patches applied by others. It would also
be good to add unit tests - and use those as code examples in the

Can we develop a policy for this, so we can all see what is happening?
I suggest we allow documenters access to CVS - as long as they promise
not to touch other people's code (w.o. permission from the section

Is this a good idea?


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