[BioRuby] bioruby genome browser?

Todd Wasson tsw5 at duke.edu
Fri Dec 16 22:52:09 EST 2005

I'm looking into easy to use generic genome representation and browser packages, 
and I'm curious if bioruby has any kind of browser capability akin to what 
Lincoln Stein's GBrowse is for bioperl.  Googling digs up some old links to a 
now seemingly defunct http://gb.bioruby.org/ site, but that's not much help any 
more.  Is something like this out there somewhere?  Is it actually in bioruby 
and I just haven't managed to uncover it yet?  If not, are there plans or this? 
  I suspect it would be no minor task for me to implement myself, just to get 
where GBrowse is, so I'm really hoping something is available...

Thanks for any information you can provide!


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