[Biopython-dev] Proposal for GSoC 2017

Sourav Singh ssouravsingh12 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 13:25:58 UTC 2017

Respected Sir,

Thanks for the mail!

Regarding the part about NumPy support for PyPy, I had heard that like two
years ago. So I am not sure if things have changed in terms of NumPy's
support for PyPy.

As for specific modules, I am also thinking of Bio.Statistics.lowess,
Bio.HMM, Bio.SVDSuperimposer among many others.

My main criteria for choosing the module for Numba is-

1) The modules which could be necessary for LLVM speedups like Bio.HMM

2) The modules which can demonstrate a significant speedup using Numba.


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