[Biopython-dev] Docker

Tiago Antao tra at popgen.net
Sun Nov 1 19:54:45 UTC 2015


See my answers inline. But I think we should also get an official
account on docker hub for biopython, Peter?

On Sun, 1 Nov 2015 19:58:57 +0100
Björn Grüning <bjoern at gruenings.eu> wrote:

> Here was my initial attempt.
> https://github.com/bgruening/biopython_docker/commit/e5e66ef3ce95e38e66baf3ab6f473a0319fdfe84

I will start by taking your suggestion of splitting the basic container
into two: with and without db support. Also I will replace the clumsy
templating system by docker hub dependencies...

> Please consider to push your work under the BioDocker [1] umbrella.
> Here we try to define a common interface for containers and develop
> guidelines. For example we have some ideas to automatically generate
> containers from pypi.

After we cleanup and standartize the current mess, I think this is a
good idea. At least see if things fit with BioDocker.
Unless, of course, others think we should be autonomous for BioDocker.

PS - I currently have some time for this stuff. I do not know for how
long, but lets see ;)

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