[Biopython-dev] json formatting of SeqRecord objects

Alex Leach albl500 at york.ac.uk
Thu May 24 11:06:45 UTC 2012

Dear all,

I've written a fairly simple SeqRecord formatter to convert sequences to/from 
JSON objects, and wondered if it might be useful enough to be included in 

It currently injects 'json' into SeqIO and AlignIO's _FormatToIterator and 
_FormatToWriter dictionaries, so can be used like any other SeqRecord format. 
I'm not sure where exactly I should submit it, but I thought here might do as 
an initial proposal..

I attach the source code. If you'd be interested in using it, let me know and 
I'll tidy it up to standards.

Kind regards,

Alex Leach BSc. MRes.
Department of Biology
University of York
York YO10 5DD
United Kingdom
EMAIL DISCLAIMER: http://www.york.ac.uk/docs/disclaimer/email.htm
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