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Dear Biopythoneers,

Are any of us planning to attend the SciPy meeting? The 2012 SciPy
Bioinformatics Workshop is crying out for a Biopython related talk... and
from the email below it sounds like they're not just looking for a
developers perspectives, but also how Python is being used in

Is it quite close after BOSC and ISMB but July 19 doesn't actually clash:

SciPy 2012 as a whole does clash with ISMB, and for those in Europe, it
clashes with the planned CodeFest too:

July is definitely conference season...


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From: *Chris Mueller*
Date: Thursday, May 3, 2012
Subject: [Numpy-discussion] 2012 SciPy Bioinformatics Workshop
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We are pleased to announce the 2012 SciPy Bioinformatics Workshop held in
conjunction with SciPy 2012 this July in Austin, TX.

Python in biology is not dead yet... in fact, it's alive and well!

Remember just a few short years ago when BioPerl ruled the world?  Just one
minor paradigm shift* later and Python now has a commanding presence in
bioinformatics. From Python bindings to common tools all the way to entire
Python-based informatics platforms, Python is used everywhere** in modern

If you use Python for bioinformatics or just want to learn more about how
its being used, join us at the 2012 SciPy Bioinformatics Workshop. We will
have speakers from both academia and industry showcasing how Python is
enabling biologists to effectively work with large, complex data sets.

The workshop will be held the evening of July 19 from 5-6:30.

More information about SciPy is available on the conference site:

!! Participate !!

Are you using Python in bioinformatics?  We'd love to have you share your
story.  We are looking for 3-4 speakers to share their experiences using
Python for bioinformatics.

Please contact Chris Mueller at chris.mueller [at] lab7.io and Ray Roberts
at rroberts [at] enthought.com to volunteer. Please include a brief
description or link to a paper/topic which you would like to discuss.
Presentations will last for 15 minutes each and will be followed by a panel

* That would be next generation sequencing
** Yes, we aRe awaRe of that otheR language used eveRywhere, but let's
celebRate Python Right now.

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