[Biopython-dev] BOSC 2012 - Biopython Update

Peter Cock p.j.a.cock at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 12 16:01:47 UTC 2012

Hello all,

The BOSC abstract deadline (tomorrow) has rather crept up on me,
despite Nomi's reminder emails (My excuse is I've been thinking
more about GSoC!). For anyone thinking of submitting a talk, the
abstract limit is just a page - see:

I'm hoping to attend BOSC, but will probably not be at ISMB 2012.
I'd be delighted for another Biopython developer to give the project
update talk (and as in previous years, we'll help out with the abstract,
slides, etc). Anyone interested? Giving a talk can be very helpful in
getting travel funding ;)

I know Eric might be a candidate as he will be in Long Beach
(congratulations on getting your ISMB poster accepted Eric!).

Note that dedicated "Bioinformatics Open Source Project Updates"
track is new this year. The talks are likely to be at the shorter end of
the talk length range specified (i.e. closer to 5 minutes than 20 mins)
but that will partly depend on quite how full the final schedule turns
out to be.

The idea (speaking with my BOSC hat on) with the update talks is
to try to highlight what is new and exciting, with only a minimal
introduction for the higher profile projects - most of the audience
will know roughly what BioPerl etc are, and won't be interested
to hear it again ;)

So for the Biopython talk we'd probably want to cover things like
GSoC, work with PyPy and Python3, major new functionality, any
Biopython papers, etc, and a bit on future plans. The talk should be
short but sweet :)



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