[Biopython-dev] MAF Parser/Indexer

Brad Chapman chapmanb at 50mail.com
Tue Apr 3 13:06:36 UTC 2012


> Definitely--I see what you mean. I split __init__ into a couple 
> functions. I'm still worried about the 100 lines of get_spliced(). It's 
> big mostly because I overdid it on the comments, but hopefully that 
> helps explain the logic enough that someone else could work on it 
> without pulling their hair out.

Definitely agreed. It's well-commented which makes it much easier for
others to dig in. Thanks for taking a look at the refactoring.

> Absolutely. I have a few more ideas for cool demos that integrate with 
> other parts of Biopython. What's the best place to put draft text for 
> the tutorial?

Apologies that I'd totally missed your cookbook entry. That looks great,
but more documentation is always better. If you are okay with LaTeX, the
Tutorial is in Doc/Tutorial.tex so you can edit directly. The wiki is
also a good place for docs if you prefer to go that way.

Thanks again for all the work on this. Looking forward to having it in,

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