[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2815] Bio.Application command line interfaces

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Wed May 13 15:01:33 UTC 2009


------- Comment #35 from cymon.cox at gmail.com  2009-05-13 11:01 EST -------
Ive added some very basic unittests for the command line interfaces, which dont
require the applications to be installed.

test_Application_Commandlines.py - currently in only includes
Bio/Align/Applications but Bio/Emboss tests could be added.

Note that the _Mafft.py command line interface is currently broken due the
restriction only having a single instance of a parameter on the command line.
Mafft uses the following option: 

--seed alignment1 [--seed alignment2 --seed alignment3 ...]

We could remove support this option in Mafft.


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