[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2820] Convert test_PDB.py to unittest

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------- Comment #13 from eric.talevich at gmail.com  2009-05-10 09:50 EST -------
(In reply to comment #12)
> Would it be easy for you to test your code on Python 2.4?  I can probably do
> that but not right now...

Yes, I can do that, but only on Linux. I don't think there's anything
platform-specific here, though.

> I would prefer to avoid the extra file by writing this test as part of
> test_PDB_unit.py - but the "with" statement isn't valid syntax on Python 2.4,
> although it can be used on Python 2.5 via:
> from __future__ import with_statement
> Could you re-write this to avoid the with statement?

I think the with statement is isomorphic to a try-except-finally arrangement,
calling the context manager's __enter__ method in the try block and __exit__ in
the finally block. I'll look at the source code of the warnings module and
maybe just copy a substantial chunk of it into this unit test (assuming it's
pure Python). That might make it possible to support Py2.4, too.

> Ideally the unit tests should work in any order - and this is generally a
> reasonable assumption, as they should be independent.  Having some carefully
> named unit tests will only hide the ordering problem (which is due to the 
> global state information in the warnings module).  At the very least, we should
> probably have comments in the code about this (to avoid issues in the future)
> and maybe use an eye-catching name like AAAAA which should always come first.

Agreed. I'll tinker with it some more to see what can be improved here.

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