[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2820] Convert test_PDB.py to unittest

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> I have something that works on both Py2.5 and Py2.6 now:
> http://github.com/etal/biopython/tree/pdbtidy

Would it be easy for you to test your code on Python 2.4?  I can probably do
that but not right now...

I would prefer to avoid the extra file by writing this test as part of
test_PDB_unit.py - but the "with" statement isn't valid syntax on Python 2.4,
although it can be used on Python 2.5 via:
from __future__ import with_statement

Could you re-write this to avoid the with statement?

> Also, apparently tests are run in alphabetical order, ...

Yes, that is expected.

> ... and Exposure was jumping ahead of PDBExceptionTest. I renamed
> PDBExceptionTest to ExceptionTest to restore the natural order of
> things and stop setting off the warnings prematurely. Maybe test
> suites with multiple TestCase classes should be arranged alphabetically
> in the code to avoid confusion in the future.

Ideally the unit tests should work in any order - and this is generally a
reasonable assumption, as they should be independent.  Having some carefully
named unit tests will only hide the ordering problem (which is due to the 
global state information in the warnings module).  At the very least, we should
probably have comments in the code about this (to avoid issues in the future)
and maybe use an eye-catching name like AAAAA which should always come first.

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