[Biopython-dev] BioGeography update/BioPython tree module discussion

Nick Matzke matzke at berkeley.edu
Tue Jul 14 19:08:56 UTC 2009

Thanks for the fix!!!  A big help.  I am currently organizing my 
functions into several classes and making sure they work, basically the 
classes look like they will be something like:

GbifXml -- for processing GBIF XML results (all of the functions for 
searching/extracting stuff from xmltree structures)

TreeSum -- for processing trees & getting summary statistics etc.

Ranges -- Geographic range of a species (collection of points, results 
of classification of those points into regions), GIS-like functions for 
processing them
   Points -- geographic locations of individual collected specimens

Brad Chapman wrote:
> Hi Nick;
> Thanks for the comprehensive update. It sounds like your discussion
> with Eric resolved most of the questions about the tree
> representation. It's great to see y'all converging on this.
>> It sounds like for my immediate purposes, Bio.Nexus.Trees is the 
>> solution for now, I will reorganize my code accordingly based on this. 
>> If/when Bio.Nexus.Trees accepts node labels I will remove a function 
>> stripping out node labels.  Also I have not forgotten previous comments 
>> from Brad et al. about bringing the other code up to specs. So I will 
>> update the BioGeography schedule and overall organization I hope to have 
>> at the end (with classes/methods etc., instead of just a 
>> list-o-functions, which is how my original schedule was explicitly laid 
>> out), and post an update when done.
> Agreed, and seconding Hilmar that the best thing about open source
> code is having others looking at your code. Conversely, feel free to
> dig in and fix current code where it is holding you up. To remove
> this blocking issue on Nexus and get us rolling again, I
> put together an initial fix. You can grab the patch from:
> http://bugzilla.open-bio.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2788
> Let us know if this works for your files of interest.
> If this clears up the Nexus issue, it would be great to see the
> revised schedule incorporating the refactoring. Sounds like we 
> are moving in the right direction. Good stuff.
> Thanks,
> Brad

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