[Biopython-dev] [Wg-phyloinformatics] BioGeography update

Nick Matzke matzke at berkeley.edu
Mon Jul 13 21:40:15 UTC 2009

Brad Chapman wrote:

> Also agreed. We should get Bio.Nexus updated enough so that is can
> handle Nick's problem files, and from there apply a wrapper to push
> Nexus trees into a generic tree compatible with PhyloXML. This will
> force us to be general about the Tree implementation, but save some
> re-writing and maintain back-compatibility. Once the generic tree
> is hammered out and everyone is happy, then we can think about
> migrating Nexus to it. Seconding Peter's comments, this is probably
> another big job.
> So, in summary, the major deliverables are:
> - Generic tree representation plus a TreeIO structure
> - PhyloXML parser that uses this tree directly
> - Nexus parser that can handle problem files and parse into the
>   generic tree. This will let us drop the lagrange duplication from
>   Nick's code.
> Sounds like you have this well worked out,
> Brad

Whoops I missed a few of these biopython-dev messages before, I have 
different filters shuttling things different places depending on the 
Subj. line.  Eric filled me in.

Here were some cases where the node labels blocked Bio.Nexus.Trees:

from Bio.Nexus import Trees

# This works

ts0 = 

to0 = Trees.Tree(ts0)
print to0

# Gymnosperms tree with node labels; doesn't work
ts1a = 


to1a = Trees.Tree(ts1a)

# Just Taxaceae; doesn't work
ts1b = 
to1b = Trees.Tree(ts1b)

# Just Taxaceae; this works; node labels deleted
ts1c = 
to1c = Trees.Tree(ts1c)

# This doesn't work (from bug report)
ts2 = "(((t9:0.385832, (t8:0.445135,t4:0.41401)C:0.024032)B:0.041436, 
t6:0.392496)A:0.0291131, t2:0.497673, ((t0:0.301171, 
t7:0.482152)E:0.0268148, ((t5:0.0984167,t3:0.488578)G:0.0349662, 
to2 = Trees.Tree(ts2)

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