[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2866] SQLite support for BioSQL

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> It's derived from the MySQL schema. I'll mention that on the BioSQL
> bug when I upload the schema there.


> Good catch with Python2.4. Grrr old versions, I like those conditional
> expressions too much.

I haven't really used them, some of "my" machines are still on Python 2.4,
but can see the appeal - especially within a list or generator comprehension.

> I think test_BioSQL should default to the in-memory version of SQLite, so
> completely agreed. This is most likely to work out of the box on a default
> system.


> Do you want me to check this in with the 2.4 fix? Or should we wait
> until after 1.51?

At least wait until 1.51 is out, and we've had some feedback from Hilmar.

I would prefer to wait until the SQLite schema is at least in the BioSQL
repository, and ideally publicly released. I had the impression from
Hilmar at BOSC that BioSQL 1.0.2 could be out later this year, so this
may not take that long.


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