[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2745] Bio.GenBank.LocationParserError with a GenBank CON file

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Treat the CONTIG information as a string, not a SeqFeature

As outlined on Bug 2681 comment 8, there are good reasons to simply store the
CONTIG information as a string or perhaps a list of strings.  This will make
our BioSQL bindings consistent with BioPerl.

More generally, I never really liked the idea of storing the CONTIG location as
a SeqFeature.  I could understand in principle using a location-object, but the
current location objects do not deal with joins directly - which is why you
have to use a SeqFeature with subfeatures.

In the long term, a new location object might be a worthwhile change to both
features and the contig.  For now, this patch simply stores the CONTIG
information as one long string.

If we commit this, then Tests/output/test_GenBank will need updating too.

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