[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2711] GenomeDiagram.py: write() and write_to_string() are inefficient and don't check inputs

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> That is great! 
> Note that reportlab's drawToString first uses it's getStringIO() and passes
> that to drawToFile. I am not sure the difference between getStringIO() and
> StringIO() but getStringIO() might be preferred. 

>From going through the ReportLab code a week or two ago, it ends up using
cStringIO (or falling back on StringIO) internally.

> Also, I would presume that checking for the filename would allow you to
> combine the writing to a file and writing to a string into a single new
> function to maintain backwards compatibility.

You'd then have one method to write to a string, handle or filename.  As I said
before, I'm not keen on this - having two very different return values (string
or nothing) depending on the arguments, with some special invocation needed to
request the string output (maybe None rather than a filename/handle?).

The status quo seems OK here, with a write method (to a handle or filename) and
separate a write_to_string method.

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