[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2502] PSIBlastParser fails with blastpgp 2.2.18 though works with blastpgp 2.2.15

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Fri May 23 15:02:10 UTC 2008


------- Comment #9 from ibdeno at gmail.com  2008-05-23 11:02 EST -------
Hi Peter,

Thank you for your patience and sorry not to be clear.

1. By 'choke' I meant that it produced the same error mentioned in the original
but report.

2. I see now that my attachments (#922) were not appropriate: to gain some time
I had requested no iterations to blastpgp, that is: I used '-j 1'. I can
actually parse the plain text from 2.2.18 that I had submitted in those
attachments both with your and my code. This also explains the differences in
the headers... 

I will now submit two plain text outputs from blastpgp with 2 iterations ('-j
3') Your code and mine can parse 2.2.15 but both fail (with the "Incorrect
header ?" error) with 2.2.18

Sorry again...


(In reply to comment #8)

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