[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2527] Bug in NCBIXML.py in _end_BlastOutput_version()

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cdputnam at ucsd.edu changed:

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------- Comment #2 from cdputnam at ucsd.edu  2008-06-23 11:16 EST -------
The latest NCBIXML.py does fix the problem with Blast version parsing.

Just so you know, I had to comment out two lines in
_end_Hsp_bit_score, similar to the version of the file I already had.
I'm guessing this is a version mismatch with some other file that
I didn't update (I only replaced NCBIXML.py).

The error was:

AttributeError: Description instance has no attribute 'bits'

And the commented version of the function is:

    def _end_Hsp_bit_score(self):
        """bit score of HSP
        self._hsp.bits = float(self._value)
        #if self._descr.bits == None:
        #    self._descr.bits = float(self._value)

Thanks for your help.

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