[Biopython-dev] CVS access and developers web site

Peter Cock p.j.a.cock at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 14 22:51:26 UTC 2008

>> Hi Frank,
>> I would try emailing support at helpdesk.open-bio.org using the email
>> address associated with your CVS username.  If you've changed email
>> address, and you run into problems, I expect Michiel or I could vouch
>> for you.
> Is somebody monitoring that email address? I got an automated response about
> two weeks ago, and then nothing happened.

Maybe someone is on holiday - or they are caught up with BOSC 2008
work?  I can suggest a few specific people at OBF to try and contact
directly if you are still stuck.

In the short term, if there are any urgent fixes you think need to be
checked in, stick them on Bugzilla and I'm sure one of us will be able
to commit them on your behalf.


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