[Biopython-dev] Bio.Gobase, anybody?

Michiel de Hoon mjldehoon at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 7 08:35:05 UTC 2008

Hi everbody,

As part of bug report 2454:
I started looking at the Bio.Gobase module.
This module provides access to the gobase database:

This module is about seven years old and (AFAICT)
is not actively maintained. We don't have documentation
for this module, but the unit tests suggests that it
parses HTML files from gobase. I am not sure exactly
where the HTML files came from, but I doubt that
after seven years this still works.

So I was wondering:
Does anybody use Bio.Gobase?

If not, I suggest we deprecate it for the next release,
and remove it in some future release.
If there are users, we need to make some (small) changes
to this module (that is what the original bug report
was about).



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