[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2507] Adding __getitem__ to SeqRecord for element access and slicing

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RichSeq proposal

I have coded a sequence class that fullfils the requirements that I would like
to see. It's very similar to SeqRecord, but it is not compatible with it. It
has no seq property, although that can be solved. The problem with SeqRecord is
that it is not possible to create a class with an __init__ compatible with Seq
and SeqRecord at the same time.
This proposed class is just a draft, it needs more work but I would like to
receive comments about it.
It inherits from MutableSeq so it should be named MutableRichSeq, but it seems
that I'm too lazy to such a long name, I promise to change the name in a later
version and to create a RichSeq with Seq as parent.
Besides RichSeq there is in the attachment two other classes, RichFeature and
BioRange, but I would comment on that in another post.
I think that it is quite important to convert Seq and MutableSeq to newclasses,
what do you think about that? With the new classes we can use properties.

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