[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2393] Bio.GenBank.NCBIDictionary fails with release 1.44

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Tue Nov 20 00:51:28 UTC 2007


------- Comment #9 from mdehoon at ims.u-tokyo.ac.jp  2007-11-19 19:51 EST -------
> Do you want to mark this bug as fixed (with the one line import change), and
> tackle rationalising Bio.config.DBRegistry, Bio.WWW etc separately?

I'd leave this bug open for now, since the one line import change causes a
DeprecationWarning. Treating the rationalisation of Bio.config.DBRegistry,
Bio.WWW etc as a separate issue is fine with me. Once we have a solution for
that, fixing Bio.GenBank.NCBIDictionary will be trivial.

> Are you happy for me to check in that suggested unit test?
> (test_SeqIO_online.py - attachment 805 [details] on this bug)

That is fine with me.

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