[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2390] Error importing Swiss Prot in BioSQL

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Untested patch to BioSQL/DBUtils.py

Based on a little google searching, this is my completely untested educated
guess for how to fix the cursor problem in BioSQL/DBUtils.py with the relevant
changed bit of code below:

class Mysql_dbutils(Generic_dbutils):
    def last_id(self, cursor, table):
        try :
            #This worked on older versions of MySQL
            return cursor.insert_id()
        except AttributeError:
            #See bug 2390.
            #Google suggests this is the new way:
            return cursor.lastrowid

If you feel brave and don't know how to work with patches, just back the
original file and then edit the class Mysql_dbutils to look like the above.

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