[Biopython-dev] SAGE project support

Marshall Hampton mhampton at d.umn.edu
Wed Mar 21 14:29:20 UTC 2007


I thought I would alert readers of this list to the fact that I recently 
asked the project leader for SAGE (Software for Algebra and Geometry 
Experimentation), William Stein, to add biopython as an optional package 
for SAGE.  In his usual speedy fashion, he did so in a couple of hours!

SAGE is a very exciting platform for uniting many open-source projects in 
mathematics.  By leveraging lots of existing code it has progressed 
extremely rapidly.  Currently the main server at the University of 
Washington is down for maintenance, but there is a mirror (maybe to become 
the main site) at:


The screenshots link gives a pretty good idea of what SAGE is currently 
capable of.

By the way, I am currently using biopython heavily in a bioinformatics 
course and I hope to contribute more to the project in the future.

Marshall Hampton
University of Minnesota, Duluth
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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