[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2228] genbank parser should not print warnings to stdout

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The "interesting" part of a GenBank file is the feature table, which is also
present in EMBL files in almost the same form.  One good page for that is here:


I'm sure I've seen other pages on the GenBank (in addition to the one you
linked to) as well...

If memory serves, I have seen "unquoted multiline features" and other "abuses"
like blank lines in the feature table in actual NCBI files on occasion.  They
usually correct this sort of thing in later releases.

Regarding "minimal LOCUS lines", I recall them being mentioned on our mailing
lists as being produced by certain third party tools.  Again I don't have the
link to hand, and haven't had reason to chase this up.

P.S. Have you joined the mailing list?  This bug is starting to go off topic

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