[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2353] Swissprot (UniProt) files with ** lines fail to parse

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Fri Aug 31 10:09:06 UTC 2007


------- Comment #10 from biopython-bugzilla at maubp.freeserve.co.uk  2007-08-31 06:09 EST -------
The Biopython Swiss-Prot parser expects the different line types in a certain
order - my change meant it would allow a ** line between the FT and SQ lines
(as in your attachment 739 for ACDB_METTH).

I had assumed these ** lines would allways be at the same position, but from
your description, some entries have ** lines further up (near the DR line). 
Could you attach the entry causing trouble please? And if you can spot any
other variations by eye, that would be good.

I may need to make a more general fix to ignore ** lines in multiple places...
but I would prefer minimal changes.

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