[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2351] Make SeqRecord subclass Seq subclass string?

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Patch to Bio.Seq and Bio.SeqRecord

(1) Makes __str__ return the full sequence as a string for Seq, Mutable and
SeqRecord. I think this is essential for making the objects more
interchangeable, but left as-is could cause some confusion to beginners because
it is now a little bit harder to work out which type of object they are dealing
with. We may want to mention something like this in the tutorial: print

(2) Adds __iter__ to SeqRecord, which is passed to the Seq object, allowing
iteration over the sequence as single character strings. Arguably this should
be in a separate patch.

(3) Updates docstrings - e.g. Seq and Mutable method .tostring() is considered

Still lots of things to discuss before we can implement the full subclassing
hierachy, for example should SeqRecord splicing (__getitem__) return a Seq or a
SeqRecord? If a SeqRecord, then how should the annotation be handled.

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