[Biopython-dev] biopython website has moved to its new home

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Wed Mar 22 19:47:05 UTC 2006

I still can't believe I tried this, even harder to believe it  
actually worked ...

Your python Quixote based website has been moved to its new server  
home and IP address. While DNS for biopython.org is still updating  
you can confirm the new site is online by surfing over to http:// 

Considering I don't know python, have never used quixote and did not  
realize until far into the migration project that many critical bits  
of python required for the website to render under the application  
server are actually part of your biopython CVS repository it is a  
miracle that this worked at all. heh.

Anyway, you guys were the last major website needing to be moved (in  
addition to bugzilla.open-bio.org which also moved today).

This means that you are continuing to use the "old" site -- you can  
use this as long as you like. Your new wiki based site at  
biopython.open-bio.org is still available and if you chose to migrate  
into that new setup just let me know (or support at open-bio.org) when  
you want the switchover to occur.

Please keep an eye on biopython.org for me, especially after it  
starts returning as the resolved IP address. Let me  
know if there are any issues


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