[Biopython-dev] [Bug 1631] setup.py does not run

Thomas Hamelryck thamelry at binf.ku.dk
Tue May 4 11:45:32 EDT 2004

> [C++ problems again]

And it's all my fault (I think KDTree is the only C++ code in Biopython).
Then again, it is good to have this thing fixed for future C++ modules...

> 1. Changing .C to .cpp won't fix the problems (as Michael noted),
> but there is nothing wrong with that. Thomas -- can you please make
> sure you checked in the new .cpp files (The old .C are gone, but the
> new ones aren't there -- you might need to do a cvs add).

Ooops! Sorry - I've added them again.
Everything works now for me, BTW (Mandrake 9.2).


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