[Biopython-dev] Call to change Biopython website to use fastcgi

Jonathan Taylor jonathan.taylor at utoronto.ca
Sun Dec 19 17:38:18 EST 2004


I am glad to see the project getting back on its feet.  I think that
making this a members only list is an incredible step in that
direction.  As long as we are doing baby steps here, I think we should
change the quixote (the framework the biopython website is using)
driving script to use fastcgi instead of cgi.

I just finished another project that uses quixote.  Moving from cgi to
fastcgi results in an INCREDIBLE increase in responsiveness.  I think
the current page is a little slow especially when you are browsing

I am willing to give any help necessary to get this done.  It should,
however, be as easy as installing mod_fastcgi, setting the apache conf
to use it on .fcgi files, renaming biopython-website/cgi/biopython.cgi
to biopython-website/cgi/biopython.fcgi and changing its last line






P.S. Could people in favour (or not) please "vote" on this?

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