[Biopython-dev] To the core developers...

James Casbon j.a.casbon at qmul.ac.uk
Tue Dec 7 06:41:40 EST 2004

> > So what are your thoughts?  Does this make sense, and is there any
> > interest in the community for trying to spread out the work?  The idea
> > would be to give more people a stake and responsibility in the
> > project, and someone (Iddo :) to oversee and help out where he can.
> > Maintaining the project is too large a task for someone with a day
> > job, and it's too hard for one person to be responsible for the
> > majority of the work anymore.

This sounds like a good way forward.  I didn't realise that it was all up to 
one person to manage everything.  I suppose we need to identify people 
interested in particular areas of the project who could focus on maintaining 
parts relevant to them.  I would be willing to help maintain the modules I 
have experience with.

> I think a short term priority has to be to clean up the mailing list.
I agree, according to the homepage, these people run the list:
jchang at smi.stanford.edu, dag at sonsorol.org, mailteam at open-bio.org
so Jeffrey, can you make the list subscriber only from here:


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