[Biopython-dev] NCBIDictionary and staff ...

Andreas Kuntzagk the_murple at gmx.de
Sat Sep 27 09:05:09 EDT 2003

Hi Jeffrey and others,

I`m sending this from my privat account because I`m in Paris for ECCB and
haven`t figured out how to 
access my work smtp-server, but can read email.

Regarding the retmax value on efetch, yeah should be retmax=1, i _think_ it
gives the maximum 
number of returned entries.  I`ve to recheck later on the etools manual. If
I remember right, for my 
example of two entries with same accession, the most recent came back if I
used retmax = 1.
So this was maybe more of a workaround for my problem then a general fix.

by from Paris,


Andreas "Murple" Kuntzagk
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