[Biopython-dev] Why don't we start the documentations as well?

Thomas Hamelryck thamelry at vub.ac.be
Mon Jul 1 03:31:28 EDT 2002


>For example, Once somebody learned how to use
> BioPython and wants to use HMMs where does he go? 

The HMM module was not Happy Doc'ed for some reason. If it was, you would 
have a list of classes & methods etc. and a lot of documentation. I checked 
in the source code - it contains a lot of info. Simply applying Happy Doc 
would make that information readily available. I do not see any advantage in 
generating that info manually. Or am I missing something?
> Currently he has to go to the source code

No, you can check the API documentation generated with Happy Doc:


> if we give him a reference he can simply look at the
> classes, the different methods and understand how it works.

Again, that list of classes and methods and a description of what they do and 
return can be generated automatically with Happy Doc. 

But maybe you are thinking of some kind of templated tutorial model? That 
would be useful IMO. In many cases a simple enumeration of classes & methods 
is not enough to use the package efficiently, so you need more.



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