[Biopython-dev] debian packages of BioPython

Diego Brouard diego at conysis.com
Tue Apr 16 07:55:28 EDT 2002

Hi all, and thanks for your efforts.

First, I'll present me. I'm a Biologist who works as Programmer in
Python, so, I felt quite comfortable when I began reading about this

Anyway, I'm afraid I does not have time to work in development ( I hope
in the future, I will ), but I have packaged biopython, the Debian way.

You can download ( and test ) these unofficial Debian Packages from


I hope also that in one or two months, they will become "Official
Packages", as I will become "Official Developer".

And yes!, these packages are from version 1.00a3, don't worry, this
weekend I promise to upload the new version'packages.

Two more things: following the Debian Policy, you'll find 2 packages:

	python-bio ( I have to name the binary packages this way ) and,
	python-bio-doc ( which has the doc :)  )


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