[Biopython-dev] Output sequence files

Sarah Kummerfeld sarah at k-k.oz.au
Sat May 26 20:32:11 EDT 2001

> Of course, we can beef up SeqRecord to have a bit more than bare-bones
> annotation capability, for functional reasons, not only for flat-file
> writing capabilities, but that's a different topic.

Maybe we could subclass the SeqRecord for different types of
formats (sort of like the alignment class is for clustalw....).
Then a write method as you suggested would just print out the relevant 
format.  A set of converters could also be provided separately (again
just like for alignments).

It doesn't solve the preservation of information, but at least
it's a 'nice' design for the 'beefing up' of SeqRecord. Alternatively,
SeqFeature could be subclassed for that purpose if you want to
keep SeqRecord simpler.


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