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> Propose away - do we have ontologies for these things knocking about yet?
> Cox, Greg wrote:
> > I apologize for the cross-posting.
> >
> > I'm involved in the BioJava project, and I'm looking at constructing a
> > uniform vocabulary for the parsed keys.  For example, currently in
> > if an EMBL record is parsed the Organism information goes under the key
> > 'OS', while if a Genbank record is parsed, the information is under the
> > "ORGANISM".  Are there existing standards that define the keys used, or
> > should I put together a new proposal?
> >
  The IEB ( Information Engineering Branch ) of NCBI is developing a
specialized ASN( Abstract Syntax Notation ) for bio to solve
interoperability. It is available for download.  It may or may not become
the last word because sometimes something meaner and leaner comes along and
blows away the official protocal, like what happened wth TCP/IP and the 7
layer OSI model.


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