[Biopython-dev] BOSC biopython outline

Andrew Dalke dalke at acm.org
Tue May 8 02:32:56 EDT 2001

Hey all,

  As most of you know, I'm presenting the Biopython talk at BOSC 2001,
which is in Copenhagen.  Unlike almost every other presentation I've
I'm starting to work on this one with time to spare.  And unlike every
other one, I'm going to try a collaborative development through Wiki.

Take a look at

(That's "BoscOhOne" since neither BOSC01 or Bosc01 allow automatic

All it contains is a sketch of an outline of what I may talk about.
I'm thinking a three part presentation:

  - executive overview - who/what/...

  - walkthrough/tutorial - this is the main part, and hits the
     highlights of some of the things biopython can do

  - future - what we would like to do

Feel free to make contributions to the page!  All I'm looking for
now are ideas and topics to discuss.  From that I hope to get
enough for a good outline, which should then lead to things like
the presentataion, additional tutorials and documentation, and
more wiki nodes.

					dalke at acm.org

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