[Biopython-dev] ready for release?

Andrew Dalke adalke at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 12 05:23:44 EST 2001

>We've got a lot of new stuff, so I think it's time to roll a new
>release.  This will still be an alpha release, which means that new
>features are ok, as long as they're relatively bug-free.
>For core developers, please let me know if this is a good time to do
>it, when it might be possible (e.g. after this nasty core dump gets
>fixed today :), or any other issues that might be related to sending
>this code out into the world...

Can you hold up until Friday?  I want to get these last bits
of Martel changes written, tested, and into CVS.  Then I can
make Johann happy by having a new Martel release.


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