[Biopython-announce] BioPythonGUI: Graphical User Interface for BioPython

Wubin Qu quwubin at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 13:59:57 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I started a new project named BioPythonGUI for a few of days. The following
is the 'About' page from BioPythonGUI project.

BioPythonGUI is a Graphical User Interface of BioPython.

BioPython is a widely used python module set in bioinformatics. It help

  - Parsing files in di fferent database formats
  - Interfaces into programs like Blast, Entrez and PubMed
  - A sequence class (can transcribe, translate, invert, etc)
  - Code for handling alignments of sequences
  - Clustering algorithms
  - etc.

However, it's not everyone can use the BioPython, especially ones who do not
know much about the programming. How can you expect a professor who never
known about any programming to use BioPython to parse the BLAST report file?
This is the problem which the BioPythonGUI would solve. I started the
project with the goal "Everyone can use BioPython with BioPythonGUI".

Until now, there are two modules SeqGUI and BlastGUI are available in
BioPythonGUI. I would greatly appreciate if you use BioPythonGUI and send me
the feedback.
Please see the developer's blog for details.

Project Blog: http://biopythongui.blogspot.com/
Download: https://sites.google.com/site/biopythongui/download
Screenshots: http://picasaweb.google.com/quwubin/BioPythonGUI02#


Best regards,

Wubin Qu

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