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Subject: O'Reilly Bioinformatics Conference--Call for Papers deadline
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Do you know anyone who might be interested?

The second O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference will be
held February 3 - 6, 2003 at the Westin Horton Plaza in San Diego, CA, USA.

The O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology conference brings together
practitioners from biology, computer science, software engineering,
mathematics, and many other disciplines for four days of information
exchange, learning, and fun. Under the theme of "Practical Tools
for Innovation," this conference explores practical ways of applying
the tools of computer science to biology.

Individuals and companies interested in making presentations, giving a 
or participating in panel discussions are invited to submit proposals.
The proposal deadline has been extended to September 23, 2002.

NOTE: All presenters whose talks are accepted will receive free registration
at the conference. Tutorial speakers will also receive an honorarium.

To submit a proposal:



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