[Biopython-announce] Biopython 1.10 Available

Jeffrey Chang jchang@smi.stanford.edu
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 22:43:11 -0800

Hello Everybody,

I've just made Biopython 1.10 available at:

This is a major release with lots of bug fixes and new features.
Everyone using Biopython is strongly recommended to upgrade.  Note
that the Python version requirement has been bumped to 2.2.

This is the first(-ish) stable release of Biopython.  This means that
the major core functionality and internals are in place.  People have
been using Biopython to do real work for a while now, so most of the
major issues have been worked out.

Please send mail to biopython@biopython.org if there are any problems
with this release.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed with bug reports, patches,
documentation, and any other types of support!

The Biopython Core Team

Dec 17, 2002: Biopython 1.10
  Python requirement bumped up to 2.2
  hierarchy reorg, many things moved upwards into Bio namespace
  pairwise2 replaces fastpairwise and pairwise
  removed deprecated Sequence.py package
  minor bug fix in File.SGMLStripper
  added Scripts/debug/debug_blast_parser.py to diagnoze blast parsing errors
  IPI supported by SwissProt/SProt.py parser
  large speedup for kmeans
  new registry framework for generic access to databases and parsers
  small bug fix in stringfns.split
  scripts that access NCBI moved over to new EUtils system
  new crc module
  biblio.py supports the EBI Bibliographic database
  new CDD parser
  new Ndb parser
  new ECell parser
  new Geo parser
  access to GFF databases
  new KDTree data structure
  new LocusLink parser
  new MarkovModel algorithm
  new Saf parser
  miscellaneous sequence handling functions in sequtils
  new SVDSuperimpose algorithm