[Bioperl-microarray] SOFT parsers

Allen Day allenday at ucla.edu
Thu Dec 28 23:14:05 UTC 2006

Replying again to the list from my subscribed address.
Hi Mike,

I have a parser that does a partial GEO->MAGE-ML transform called
Bio::MageIO, done in classic Bioperl *::IO style.  I just checked
CPAN, looks like I haven't published it yet.  If you're interested in
developing the library further I can package
it up or put in CVS at open-bio.  I've attached a tarball if you want
to peruse first.

There already exist some adapters for serializing MAGE-ML to a
database, so once you have MAGE-ML you will be better off.


On 12/27/06, Michael Muratet US-Huntsville <Michael.Muratet at operon.com> wrote:
> Greetings
> There was a thread a few years ago regarding parsers for SOFT-formatted
> data (the format used by the NCBI/GEO database). Has anybody ever
> developed one that would put the data into a database or into another
> format?
> Thanks
> Mike
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