[Bioperl-microarray] microarray data IO

Ming Chen mchen at techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Wed Mar 24 13:04:56 EST 2004

Dear Allen,

I tried to use the MicroarrayIO module, but failed. could you please 
help me? it runs on win2k, apache, activeperl, bioperl-1.2.3. the error 
message is:

Bio/Expression/MicroarrayIO/affymetrix.pm: couldn't load affymetrix - 
for more details on supported formats please see the MicroarrayIO docs. 
Can't call method "next_array" on an undefined value at microarray.cgi 
line 12

the code is below:


use Bio::Expression::MicroarrayIO;

my $stream  = Bio::Expression::MicroarrayIO->new(
                '-file'     => "133a.cel",
                '-template' => "133a.cdf",
                '-format'   => "affymetrix",

while ( my $in = $stream->next_array() ) {
    print $in->id() . "\n";

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