[Bioperl-l] Can we make Clone a required module so that automatic installation works?

george.hartzell at gmail.com george.hartzell at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 17:40:11 UTC 2014

In short, I can't do this:

  cpanm -L FOO BioPerl-1.6.923.tar.gz

which makes me Very Sad.

I've followed up on an existing issue about this here:


A hacked version of the tarball that moves Clone from a recommended module 
to a required module (Build.PL, META.{json,yaml}) lets all of our tests 
pass and keeps me from being Very Sad.

   - What's the right fix?  
   - Is our test broken?
   - Is there some reason to not require Clone (particularly if we actually 
   require it to function correctly?  
   - Should we prefer Clone::Fast?
   - If we want to present the Bio::* consumer with a choice, is driving 
   that choice by whatever cloner happens to have been dragged in from God 
   Knows Where the best way to do it?

So many questions....

Thoughts, comments?


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