[Bioperl-l] Is more than Perl and Bioperl necessary

Juan Jovel jovel_juan at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 24 15:08:06 UTC 2012

Hello Guys!
I am a biologist, not a bioinformatician; however, I have educated myself a bit on Perl programming (and before in Turbo Pascal, C++, and Visual Basic). Even when I am not a good programmer, I manage to solve most (if not all) of my needs by using Perl and Bioperl (and occasionally R). However, I see a great enthusiasm for other languages (i.e. Phyton, for example). As experts, do you think it is worth investing some time learning Python for example? Does it offer advantages in terms of efficiency when solving bioinformatic problems? Or on the contrary, it is advisable to invest such time improving and refining the rudiments of Perl and Bioperl I already have?
Sorry for the somewhat philosophical question.


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