[Bioperl-l] Wiki login with OpenId

Adam Retchless adam at retchless.us
Thu Mar 17 16:32:37 UTC 2011

Greetings all,

First: A "thank you" to everyone who has developed BioPerl and the 
BioPerl Wiki -- I'm new to BioPerl, but have already benefited from its 
ability to simplify tasks that would otherwise be very tedious.

Anyway, I noticed some outdated information on the Wiki, and wanted to 
change it, but had a little trouble figuring out how to do so. 
Basically, it wasn't clear that the way to create an account was to 
click on the "Login with OpenId" button. As someone who doesn't use 
OpenID, I immediately went to the traditional "Login" page, but got 
stumped there. It did not occur to me that the OpenID page would be any 
different. Only after looking at the recent discussion on the mailing 
list did I figure out what I needed to do.

In the interest of eliminating any obstacle to participation, I think it 
would be helpful for the Wiki itself to clearly indicate how to create a 
new account. Either by changing the wording of the "login with OpenID 
link", or placing a message on the traditional "Log In" page telling 
people what they need to do to make an account.

Thanks, and I look forward to participating here.



Adam Retchless
Center for Genomic Sciences
Allegheny-Singer Research Institute

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