[Bioperl-l] Full bioperl-live github demo

Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
Mon May 3 04:22:46 UTC 2010


I have pushed a demo of the bioperl-live (all branches and tags) to github here:


This is separate from the 'bioperl-live' repo at the same github account for the time being.  The conversion was performed using svn2git (the gitorious C++/Qt version from the KDE project migration, Jonathan Leto's suggestion), using the rsync'ed svn repo via ssh from dev.open-bio.org, so an update and rerun can be performed very quickly.  The actual conversion of the entire bioperl repo took very little time, actually (less than 3 minutes).  I think, with some additional small work using the svn2git rules pretty much everything is ready for migration.  

In this run, all subversion tags are converted to git tags (branches remain git branches as expected).  Just in case I'm missing something, I would like everyone to take a look at this, though.  In particular, I would like to make sure tags and branches are as they are expected.  So far I haven't seen anything that stands out as odd.


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