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Scott Cain cain.cshl at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 19:48:21 UTC 2009

After you get make installed, you may need to reconfigure cpan so it  
knows where to find it.  Do this:

   sudo cpan

(Assuming you want the libraries installed in the system paths)

   cpan> o conf init

You can probably answer yes to the "do you want me to automatically  
configure" question, and it should sense that make is now present.  If  
not, do it again and answer "no" and accept all of the defaults until  
it gets to the part about where make is.


On Jul 6, 2009, at 3:38 PM, Dave Messina wrote:

> Hi Stephen,
> This is on a Mac, correct?
> You need to install the developer tools first. The key line in your  
> log is:
>  Can't test without successful make
> Admittedly, that's cryptic. What it means is that it needs the program
> called make. That program is installed when you install the  
> developer tools.
> Go to developer.apple.com and create an account if you don't already  
> have
> one.
> Go to the Mac Dev Center, and click on "Xcode 3".
> This should be the right link:
> Xcode 3<https://connect.apple.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/MemberSite.woa/wa/getSoftware?bundleID=20414 
> >
> You'll need to login to get to it, and then you'll get to the  
> download page
> for the massive 986 MB Xcode 3.1.3 download.
> After you run the Xcode installer, you can check in Terminal that  
> you've got
> 'make' installed by typing:
> which make
> on the command line. It should give you the answer
> make is /usr/bin/make
> If it does, then you're good to try again with the bioperl install.
> Dave
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